radial component layouts

I was daydreaming about a circuit laid out in a circle to optimize the trace length between components.  I was thinking for audio amplifier to minimize signal path, but I suppose any circuit might work.  Semiconductor chips could come in new packaging instead of square, they could be round for the center of the circuit,  wedge for a multi component center, or wedge sections if they are farther out from the center of the circuit. (think the same of a piece of pie if you ate one bite off of the pointy end)

Everything done now is rectangular in a single or very few planes. Some circuit boards are multi later so the traces can pass each other. Semiconductors are multi layers of square components.

Computers are smart, they can do things. Compacting technology is becoming a geometry problem that we can outsource to some smart programing.

4ag port media

Trying to get a good view inside the ports of a 4agze head.  As you can see, this did not work out too well without puling the cams and valves, which would allow photos from the combustion chambers, as well as lighting from one end and taking pictures from the other.

There are alos some pictures of a tacoma 1gr-fe I forgot were on the camera, I am trying to sell that 4.0 liter v6 to fund a milling machine.



Bees in the attic

We had bees in the side of the house for a few weeks.  Once summer heat arrived, they moved out.  They had good timing because the backup plan was to just spray them.  If we left them alone, and they had stayed, the inside of the walls would get filled with honey and wax… like potentially hundreds of pounds of it..