f23 hybrid motor theoretical build notes

F23 block:
-86mm bore – bore out to 87mm
-219.5mm deck height
K24 crank:
-99mm stroke – offset grind to 102mm stroke
-51mm rod journals – offset grind down to 48mm
K20 rods:
-22mm pins
-51mm mains -custom rods with 48mm mains
k24 pistons:
22mm pins
87mm bore
30mm comp height
0cc dome

End result should be 2425cc motor with a piston that protrudes from the block .5mm.. so need a .5mm thick headgasket for zero piston to head clearance  .5mm is .0197 inches, lets round to .020 to correlate to imperial units. Oem 3 layer gasket is .026mm thick.  This gives .006 inches clearance.. not enough.. but adjusting the offset griding operaiton on the crank should easily get us a tiny but less stroke and the exact quench we want.  What that is I do not know.. the v8 guys discuss this in detail but I have not found the honda knowledge base on this yet.  I suspect it to be about .030 inchs = .75mm resulting in a 101.3mm stroke and a tiny bit less displacement. 2408cc 12.3:1 compression.  I think there is still too much custom machine work and not enough off the shelf parts for this build, but if it looks interesting to you, have fun.  You can use the h22 DOHC head instead of f23 head and should get you 240+ whp with right around 200 ft/lb at the wheels.



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