Zend_Form only displaying the last Zend_Element

I had to wrestle with this for a while until I figured it out.  I was not validating the input to the ordering of the elements well enough.. IE I had a null being passed in like
$element->setOrder($invalidValueFromDb);  // very simplified but you get the gist

So lesson learned, Zend_Form is quite happy to accept a null for an ordering value, generating no warning or errors, and only rendering the very last Zend_Element in a fully populated array of elements.

Solution, check that you have an intval, if not, don’t set the order at all, leave it alone.

k23a1 RDX turbo connecting rods and pistons

Note to see so I can find this later.
small end 22mm
big end 51mm
inner edge to inner edge 113mm
math and stuff = 149.5mm long rod..  a k20 is 139 and a k24 is 152. did I screw up by 2.5mm or is the k23 rod a one off weird length?

F23a4 rod is 139mm and compression height is 30mm

k23a piston pin to top of piston is 20.15mm
dish holds 3 teaspoons water, about 15 cc, so -15cc dome
Using this calculator, with f23 motor + k23 rod + piston gets an 8:1 motor with hopefully better rods and pistons. Unless of course my measurements are screwed up somehow…
Will find out when I take the spare f23a4 apart and compare.  Might have a junkyard special on my hands 🙂

UPDATE: compression height IS half of the small end + the distance from pin edge to piston top. Compression height of the k23 piston is 31mm.

I need to post some pics here.. the ringlands on these things make me happy.

generating Zend forms inside a CMS

This week marks the start of the challenge to build onto the CMS a method to generate forms.  I am using the Zend framework to build the CMS, so using Zend Forms seems like a solid idea. So I need to google and see if anything similar has already been open sourced before re-creating the wheel.  I suspect this has not been done, based on the forum posts related to TinyMCE and form tag issues people seem to have.
Required features:

  • generate a form
  • handle form submissions
  • do form validation in javascript
  • do form validation in submission handler
  • apply full css3 styling to form
  • protect CMS admin from breaking things
  • prevent admin from any PHP / MySql level acess
  • 17 more things I have not thought of yet.

Go Daddy – poor usability

You would think a site with as much revenue as GoDaddy would have some thought put into how the checkout process works.  They auto populate my info with old stored info with the option to update, but updating it does not work. The credit card form is antiquated enough that it cannot handle multiple formats such as 0123012301230123 requiring me to hit the back button and reformat it to 0123 0123 0123 0123 with only the vague  message that my number is invalid. The phone number box is auto-populated in a format of 1-111-222-3333 which I followed thinking that if they display it with dashes, they must want dashes.. Of course not, this time they give a better error message saying it needs to be a valid 10 digit number. So 1112223333 works. Then why did they display it in the wrong format in the first place?

How about spending 2 hours testing the form a bit, adding some jQuery goodness to it, and escaping 2005 GoDaddy?